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Oliver Shaw

Oliver’s early career was spent in sales and marketing roles in consumer financial services. He moved into the technology sector in 2009 when he joined Iris Software, and has spent the last 10 years in a number of executive roles, including divisional CEO and mergers and acquisitions director.


Electric opportunity: EVs and the forecourt

The arrival of electric vehicles represents the biggest shake-up of the ‘refueling’ market in decades. In this session, we look at the practical steps fuel retailers can take to futureproof their portfolios in advance of mass adoption. This will include how to build for today and plan for the next phase of EV ownership; the EV driver and the adoption curve; building the EV business case: cross shop and in-store spend. With new funding opportunities and a growing number of regulatory interventions making EV adoption more appealing to consumers, now is the time for fuel retailers to stake their claim.