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Elias Pöyry

Elias Pöyry is the Co-Founder and Deputy CEO of Virta. He is a seasoned executive in e-mobility, with the track record of establishing several disruptive energy and mobility services and businesses in the past 15 years. Pöyry is a widely connected opinion leader and currently acts as the Chairman of EURELECTRIC’s E-mobility Working Group, representing the organisation in e-mobility. His company, Virta, founded in 2013, is one of the established companies in the industry and a leading EV charging platform in Europe. Virta operates a wide EV charging network in 30 countries, serving more than 350 000 registered EV drivers. There are over 35 000 EV charging stations on the Virta platform with a new charging event initiated on the platform every five seconds.”


Time to monetize EVs and their drivers

The presentation will outline the rapidly changing EV charging business models, provide practical information on forecourt EV charging management and operations, and give specific data on charging volumes and monetization models based on Virta’s experience with 40,000 charging stations.